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Best Diabetes Diet – Engine 2 (Diet) Dietary Conformity Review

It has been noted that the Engine 2 diet is a great diet for diabetics. But just how well it conforms to accepted dietary guidelines could be another thing altogether. Now, it is the recommendation of the United States government through its department of Agriculture that recommended daily calories for fat make up 35 percent of total calorie intake; between 45 and 65 percent for carbohydrates, between 10 to 35 percent for protein, a maximum of 2300 milligrams for salt intake, bearing in mind the limit of 1500 mg however if you are 51 years or older, African American or have diabetes, chronic kidney disease or hypertension. This article discusses just how well or not the Engine 2 diet complies with this dietary guidelines and will enable you to decide whether it is a diet you as a diabetic can go for or recommend to others.

The Best Diabetes Diet – The Engine 2 Diet

As far as diets go, there are many and varied types of diets touting different properties and making different claims. But of all the properties that such diets may have, for now only one really interests us. The ability of a diet to have anti-diabetic qualities. In other words, to either serve in preventing diabetes or help in managing it. In a study carried out by a panel of experts under the aegis of US News and World Report magazine, The Engine 2 diet came out as third best diabetes diet out of 35 diets assessed. This article takes a closer look at the diet and how that verdict was arrived at.

Aerobics or Resistance Training – Which Is Better for Your Diabetes?

Granted both forms of exercise-aerobics and resistance training are good for you if you have diabetes. Both help to control blood glucose in people with diabetes. But when it comes to empirical results, is one actually better than the other? Yes. This article discusses the result of study which shows that resistance training is actually better in assisting diabetics manage their diabetes and keep diabetes related indices within acceptable limits.

Instead Of Dwelling On The Initial Anger Following Diagnosis Of Diabetes, Get Even and Reverse It!

A diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes is not welcome news to anybody. Instead of latching on to the initial negative emotions of denial, anger and fear, embracing it and focusing on all out effort to mitigate the effects or even ‘reverse’ the disease should be considered.

How Free Radicals And Oxidative Stress Interact To Influence Type 2 Diabetes

The body derives its energy for normal physiologic processes from the food we eat through a process of oxidation. The byproducts of this energy metabolism process includes unstable substances called free radical which in their attempt stabilize creates more free radicals. The burden placed on the body in the process of oxidation is called oxidative stress.

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