Why is my blood sugar not going down? Dr. Ergin explains(2020): Blood glucose spikes.

Diabetes, Sugar Damage

Fourth cause of death in developed countries, diabetes is expected to affect more than 360 million people worldwide in 2030, according to an estimate by the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, many are unaware of the signs and complications of this disease.

Type 2 Diabetes And Their Treatment

Persons with type 2 diabetes are not the only ones that can benefit from a type 2 diabetes diet. We live in a fast-paced society where a heavy dependence on unhealthy, fast food has created a host of health problems for many people. Obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes are all known as lifestyle illnesses that can be positively influenced and possibly reversed by making healthy lifestyle changes.

7 Ways to Cure Diabetes With Normal Food

In general, eating healthy and eating right is considered essential for a long and healthy life. Nutritious daily meals that comprise of all the essential nutrients in the right portions are a way of ensuring that you stay on top of your health. But what do you do when you are hit by a life-altering metabolic disease like Diabetes? Are right foods still going to be of any help?

Type 2 Diabetes – Unsaturated Fatty Acids To Help Prevent Or Treat Diabetic Retinopathy

Ophthalmologists break down retinopathy into two major types according to their potential to cause visual loss. 1. Background retinopathy is usually benign but can be a predictor of more complicated problems, and 2. Proliferative retinopathy ends in loss of vision if untreated. Diabetic retinopathy is a frequent complication of Type 2 diabetes which can result in loss of vision. According to a study reported on in Investigations in Ophthalmology and Visual Science in November 2015, a low-fat, low saturated fat eating plan could save sight.

Type 2 Diabetes – Decoding Food Labels to Help Avoid High Blood Sugar

Living with Type 2 diabetes, it’s imperative you become familiar with the foods you eat – not just in the foods you cook at home, but in the foods you buy already boxed and packaged at the market. Next time you’re at the market, take a look at the packaged foods you regularly buy. Cookies, chips, lunch meats, cereals – they all have a label on the package that is your key to understanding if it’s a food you should be eating or not. The nutrition label is the most recognized by people, as it reflects the overall fat, calories, carbohydrates, and other nutrients within a serving. This label is what most people are interested in reading, and it’s worth you becoming familiar with it also. As a Type 2 diabetic, you’ll want to choose foods that have relatively low calories and fat content.

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