Why is my A1c high? Understand HbA1c test for diabetes and blood sugar. SugarMD by Dr. Ergin

The common question is why is my A1c so high? Most of the time Patients do not even know what the hemoglobin A1c test is. In this short video, Dr. Ergin will explain why your HbA1c remains high in relation to your blood sugar in 2 minutes.

A1c is purely a reflection of average blood sugars. It comes in percentages. For example, 7% A1c corresponds to an average blood sugar of 150. 6% A1c corresponds to 120 average blood sugars. 8% corresponds to 180 average blood sugars. As you may have noticed, every 1% change in A1c reflects a 30 mg/dL change in average blood sugars. A1c Unreliable

A1c, in other words, hemoglobin A1c or HbA1C is a widely used clinical test to estimate average blood sugars in 3 months. A1c is used to diagnose and monitor treatment for type 1 diabetes as well as type 2 diabetes. It is a handy clinical test with many advantages. Patients and diabetes specialists should keep the disadvantages and caveats in mind when ordering and interpreting this test.

Ahmet Ergin, MD, FACE, CDCES, ECNU

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating – How The Targeted Ketogenic Diet Works

If you are someone who likes going on a lower carbohydrate diet plan to control your blood sugar levels better and see faster rates of weight loss, you might be interested in considering a diet plan called the targeted ketogenic diet. If you are not familiar with the ketogenic diet plan, this is a very low carbohydrate diet that contains just 5% of the total calories coming from carbohydrates. The remaining calories come from protein at 30% and dietary fat at 65%. Altogether these put you into a state called ketosis, where your body is running off an alternative fuel source.

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Food Choices – What Are The Dirty Dozen of Fruits and Vegetables?

We often hear if we choose to exercise and eat properly, our pancreas will thank us by functioning better and reduce our chances of developing Type 2 diabetes. Many of you watching your health will have heard of a list of produce referred to as the “dirty dozen.” What is this list and how do the contents impact your life and your body? The dirty dozen is a term used to describe certain fruits and vegetables, maybe even some of your favorites, impacted negatively by pesticides. The produce listed as the “dirty dozen” are thought to be more heavily contaminated by pesticides than other produce and, as such, it is wise for you to steer clear of them if you are hoping to maintain good health.

Type 2 Diabetes – Does Telemedicine Have a Place In Treating Diabetes?

Investigators at the University Hospital in Tours and several other research institutions in France have determined telemedicine is useful in dealing with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Their work was reported on in August 2018 in the Telemedicine Journal and E-Health. The investigators combined 42 trials of the technique and analyzed them as if they were one large study with 6,170 participants. A total of 34 studies used devices for telemonitoring blood sugar levels while the other 8 used teleconsultation. The participants using telemedicine experienced a more significant reduction in their HbA1c levels than those who were treated with the usual care,

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – How Much Does Good Health Matter to You?

Health problems are prevalent among modern adults more than ever. Could this be attributed to modern lifestyles? Almost entirely, but there is more to blame. The quality of the food around us is also an issue as we are often surrounded by high-caloric processed foods. We usually have to go to designated produce or “organic” food aisles to find rows of food that can be considered healthy. Arguably, the lack of instruction is also an issue. Hundreds of years ago when meat and bread were staples as they were not mass-produced, it was not necessary to teach people about healthy eating. It is not like there was an abundance of carbohydrate options to choose from to replace the fruits and vegetables we need to be eating. Now, more than ever, we need proper instruction to ensure our lifestyle is not leading us down an unhealthy path.

Exercises and Workouts – Can You Exercise Seven Days A Week?

One question you may ask yourself from time to time is can you exercise on seven days a week? Do you need to have a rest day in your program or is that something you find is not a necessity? Some people often wonder about this – usually those who cannot seem to get enough of their gym training. When it comes to exercising daily, the truth is you can if you are smart in how you do it. Here are a few points to help you know how to prevent overtraining.

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