Why do diabetics take insulin? Do type 2 diabetics become insulin dependent? Dr. Ergin-SugarMD

Type 2 Diabetes – Could Inflammation and Blood Vessel Disease Cause Depression?

Type 2 diabetes is an inflammatory disease often seen along with heart and blood vessel disease and depression. According to a report published in the journal Brain Behavior and Immunity in March 2016, inflammation and blood vessel malfunction could be linked with depression. Investigators at Maastricht University in the Netherlands looked at 852 individuals diagnosed with depression. The participants with inflammation and blood vessel dysfunction had the highest degree of depression.

Diabetes Burnout – It’s Time To Voice Your Emotions On Diabetes Distress

You are not alone if you feel overwhelmed, if you are avoiding taking care of yourself, or you are just in denial. This is not just about the newly diagnosed, this type of emotional burden can live with you for years, if it is not addressed.

Alcohol and Diabetes: Dos and Don’ts

Being a diabetic does not mean a completely sober life, with no place for parties at all. Even a diabetic can relish his or her occasional drink, but with the caveat that he or she would adhere to the limit. Alcohol increases the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar level) significantly. For somebody whose diabetes is well under control, a bit of alcohol is permissible during or after meals.

Type 2 Diabetes – Understanding Insulin Resistance During Pregnancy!

Insulin resistance brings about Gestational diabetes, a condition diagnosed during pregnancy when the body is unable to cope with the extra demand for insulin production. Low insulin production results in high blood sugar levels. But can the body’s resistance to insulin also affect women who do not have diabetes diagnosed during their pregnancy? Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis, United States, set out to find the answer to this question.

Diabetes – How Does It Affect You and What Measures You Should Take?

A high blood glucose level can generally cause Diabetes. Proper diagnosis and timely treatment is very essential for the person who suffers with high blood Glucose (sugar) level. Diabetes is an epidemic for most of the countries and is affecting millions of people all around the world. It is the need of the hour to make people aware about the disease. It is very important to understand what causes diabetes, its symptoms and how to prevent diabetes.

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