Why Blood Sugar Is High In The Morning [Doctor Explains]

Why blood sugar levels are slightly higher in the morning. Dr. Ahmet Ergin explains: In the morning, people experience a slight rise in blood glucose levels, i.e. a higher blood sugar. A person without diabetes will most likely not experience any effects, as their body can adjust but for a person with diabetes, this rise can be significant, and it may need further attention. The truth is that there are a few causes of high blood sugar in the morning. This video will showcase these causes, including what they can mean for your health.

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Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Building Consistency in a Healthy Diet and Exercise

There are likely two areas in your life you would like to improve: nutrition and fitness. The diet and fitness industry are not tremendous in scope without reason. It is a result of incredible demand for high-quality advice and guidance in these areas. Whether some of us realize it or not, it is important to eat healthily and take care of our body. Fortunately, many people learn this at some point. Maturity and aging bring many revelations. The most prominent may be we often take our time for granted but also our health and well-being.

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating – Are You Eating Whole-Wheat Pasta?

Some foods are considered staples in a healthy eating plan, and for a good reason. It would benefit any individual to implement them into their diet, and this is especially the case if there is a condition that must be managed, like Type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol. In some cases, you could consider it essential to introduce a few of these healthy foods. It would be a shame to fall victim to a preventable disease, just because of poor food choices. Let us focus on the healthy staples. Arguably, one of the best additions any adult could make in their diet is whole-wheat pasta. Why? Whole-grains are great for you, and carbohydrates are essential.

Common Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a profoundly established disease that impacts the way your body handles glucose, a kind of sugar, in your blood. What Causes Diabetes? Your pancreas makes a hormone called insulin.

Why Your Metabolic Age Matters

Metabolic age is a word that is bandied about a lot by fitness gurus. But what is metabolic age and what does it signify? If it is too high, how can you improve it? And is it relevant when you are trying to beat your diabetes?

Diabetes: Complications and Management

Chronic diseases are reflected to be the foremost public health concern currently (or within modern societies). According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), diabetes is now one of the largest global health emergencies of the 21st century. Without effective management, the increase in diabetes could lead to a further increase in complications such as cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, blindness and lower-limb amputations.

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