What is a Good Fat?

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Type 2 Diabetes – Develop Positive Thinking to Help Control Your Blood Sugar Levels and Body Weight

Treating Type 2 diabetes successfully is no small feat. But never kid yourself: it’s doable and realistic, regardless of your starting point. Considering controlling your blood sugar level is a task requiring your consistent effort, it is beneficial to look for guidance and advice. That is why we recommend seeking the assistance of your doctor or some form of mentorship to help you get started. But even if there is plenty of support available to you, you are ultimately on your own. Nobody is watching over you: it’s entirely up to you to lower and stabilize your blood sugar levels and control your body weight.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is Work Related Stress Associated With Diabetes in Women?

The term stress as we apply it to human feelings was introduced by Hans Selye. Stress affects your health directly and causes your fight-or-flight response to flood your bloodstream. In turn, your blood sugar levels are raised. The engineering term is used to describe physical materials and how they react when force, or stress, is applied to them. Scientists studying stress found the causes are not the same for all of us, but the essential characteristics of an event are: Novelty – entering into a strange situation with fear of the unknown, Unpredictability: not knowing what to expect, a Threat to the ego: will the self be able to handle things? And Sense of Control – the fear of not being able to make decisions and carry them out.

Type 2 Diabetes – You Can Lower Your Blood Sugar and Reverse Your Diabetes!

Hopefully, you have a treatment plan in your mind if you have received a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. The best way to deal with any disease is to do whatever you can to treat it and keep it under control for as long as possible. And when you consider Type 2 diabetes is such a manageable disease, it would be a pity to allow it to linger. It would be unwise to fall victim to such a preventable and treatable condition. But this is what happens to many who choose to disregard their diagnosis.

Type 2 Diabetes – Do Antidiabetic Medications Help To Prevent and Treat Cervical Cancer?

Much has been written during the past few years about the antidiabetic medication metformin, as a possible anticancer drug. According to researchers at the National Taiwan University and several other research institutions in Taipei, Taiwan, metformin could be a tool to reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Their work, reported on in the journal Oncotarget in July 2016, included over 132,000 women treated with metformin, and almost 7,000 treated with other antidiabetic medications.

Type 2 Diabetes – Your Lifestyle Determines Your Insulin Sensitivity

There’s a lot of self-blaming going on among middle-aged adults who are not particularly healthy. It’s important to remember the criticism you choose to give yourself can be constructive or destructive. One type of criticism gives you a chance to improve your situation, whereas the other is more likely to make things worse. If you are not in excellent health, it is good to reflect and figure out where you have gone wrong. Perhaps you have not lived the healthiest of lifestyles, or you have procrastinated on losing weight.

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