Teleseminar 59. December 2020.

Type 2 Diabetes – Benefits and Drawback for Diabetics Following Meal Patterns

Following a meal plan is a great way for people with Type 2 diabetes to get in the right amounts of carbohydrates, protein, and fat throughout the day, while keeping their blood sugar levels steady. The three major meal planning strategies for those with Type 2 diabetes are the plate method, carb counting, and the glycemic index. Each of these options helps you determine what to eat for each meal and snack, and should take into consideration insulin and any oral medications you take. One other option that’s available for Type 2 diabetics is following a predetermined meal pattern that tells you exactly what foods to eat at every meal.

Type 2 Diabetes – Blood Glucose Monitoring

One of the best ways you can take control of Type 2 diabetes is by regularly checking your blood sugar level during your day. Checking your blood sugar reading helps you learn how you react to the different foods you eat, the amount of exercise you get, the insulin injections you take, and any oral diabetes medications you are taking. You and your doctor can then make changes to your diabetes care plan as needed, based on the results of checking your blood sugar several times during your day.

The Secret To Helping Your Body Make Its Own Antioxidant

Antioxidants remain been man’s best hope of counteracting oxidative stress. Fruits and vegetables have been very good sources of antioxidants. Evidence is accumulating of a natural phytonutrient, Nrf2 that can help the cells of the body make their own antioxidant. We may have a new ally in the fight against oxidative stress and aging.

How To Harness The Phytonutrients In Fruits and Vegetables For Our Diet

The color of fruits and vegetables may be nature communication with us in deciding which to choose. All fruit and vegetable colors appear to be loaded with antioxidants in various degrees. Judicious choice of these fruits and vegetables will keep us in good health

How Food Color Influences Food Choices

Too often food color is our initial cue to choosing a food. Red fruits and vegetable stand out like a beacon saying ‘come get me’. Nature has provided for us all the antioxidants we need in the different colors of fruits and vegetables. We need to use them to overcome oxidative stress.

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