Pre Diabetic Symptoms In Men And Women

When human body isn’t able to decompose the carbohydrates present in the food due to malfunctioning of pancreas, it causes diabetes. Pancreas might not be either able to cope up with the amount of insulin to be produced in respect to carbohydrates intake or the produced insulin might not be effective enough. Both conditions can also occur simultaneously.
Diabetes is however classified into two categories: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 resembles to the situation when pancreas can’t produce enough insulin required by the body. But the disappointing fact is that the reason of pancreas not capable to producing insulin is not known. It might be due to some reactions within cells, viral or other infections. Type1 diabetes is generally known as insulin dependent diabetes or IDD. Type 2 resembles the condition when the insulin is produced but in excess so that cells can’t respond properly to the anti-diuretic hormones produced. Type2 occurs mostly in middle age and chances are that it can be found mostly in younger overweight people. Most likely affected areas include African, Caribbean and South Asian people at younger age. People who are most likely to get affected apart from these areas includes white people over age 40 years, family having history of diabetes, overweight, high blood pressure, heart diseases. Both of the condition causes lack of insulin in the body. However symptoms depend mostly on the type of diabetes. Most of the symptoms in Men and women are same. Many people in today’s life are affected by diabetes but the surprising fact is some of them still aren’t aware about their condition. This condition of diabetes can occur in any age or gender however most chances are that it’ll occur in old age. Diabetes isn’t caused by eating sugar or sweet, stress (though it is just a symptom), accident or illness. Also it is not a communicable disease.
In case of type 1 diabetes when pancreas is unable to produce insulin then glucose quantity in our body increases instantly. And when there is increased quantity of insulin in the body then the cells can’t work properly and it is referred as insulin resistance, this is type2 diabetes. Hence when there is extreme quantity of glucose in the blood but can’t be used as fuel, people often feel tired, pass large amount of urine and extremely thirsty. Now whichever is the condition the problem is all about insulin, so it is necessary to take essential steps to create insulin or making the present insulin effective. A proper diet chart and routine exercise is always recommended for a healthy lifestyle.
Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes: These symptoms develop quickly and are caused due to high blood sugar. You might mistake the symptoms as some illness in start but they are quite dynamic in nature.

Type 2 Diabetes – A Protein Bark Recipe For Diabetics

Want a sweet and delicious snack you can feel good about putting in your body? Why not try this protein bark recipe? The regular chocolate bark is typically loaded with sugar and calories and not appropriate for someone looking to manage both their blood sugar levels and body weight. But, the great news is with a few modifications, you can certainly prepare a recipe that will serve you well.

Type 2 Diabetes – Does Diabetes Affect the Brain?

Type 2 diabetes has been linked with the loss of brain function. In June 2016, the Journal of Diabetes Complications reported on the results of a study on Type 2 diabetes and the risk of brain function decline. Researchers at the Autonomous National University of Mexico in Mexico City and the Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK, looked at 1193 individuals who were 65 years of age or older. They found the people who were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes had almost twice the risk of brain impairment as did the non-diabetic participants. The Type 2 diabetics who had the highest blood sugar levels were most likely to suffer reduced brain function.

Type 2 Diabetes – Are These Poor Habits Affecting Your Ability to Lose Weight?

For anyone, but especially for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, eliminating unwanted body weight is important. Weight loss will boost your insulin sensitivity: the more body fat you lose, the more responsive your cells will be to insulin. When attempting to lose weight, it goes without saying you should determine the habits and behaviors you need to adopt to facilitate your efforts. You may have a certain objective in mind or a diet you have meant to try. But even though it’s important to start planning your approach by sorting out what you should do, you also need to look at your unhealthy habits and eliminate them lest they impair your ability to lose weight. We’ve come up with a shortlist of common habits people have developed over the years that need to be addressed if a person with Type 2 diabetes wants to steadily lose weight.

Type 2 Diabetes – How to Treat Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Depending on your knowledge of Type 2 diabetes, you may or may not be aware it is a disease that can be treated entirely through natural means. Unlike some of the major diseases affecting adults and children alike, you have the power to treat or “reverse” your condition – without relying on any medication. Common medications for Type 2 diabetes include artificial products that work to lower your blood sugar. While they may be useful in some respects, they often pose serious consequences, in the long run, some of which may even be lethal. To talk about artificial methods to lower your blood sugar would be beyond the scope of this discussion.

Blood Sugar Control With Himalaya Diabecon

Ayurvedic treatment For diabetes is truly the best option for controlling blood sugar levels. It is not a new science. Ayurveda, by its very name indicates that it has been around since the Vedic times. It has been around for five millennia and proved to be the most effective natural cure for all types of human ailments. The correct herbs consumed in the right quantity at the right time can work wonders towards keeping a person healthy throughout life.

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