Metformin Dosage and Metformin Side Effects! How to Take Metformin for Diabetes, PCOS & weight loss?

Want to know about metformin dosage and learn about metformin side effects for diabetes or PCOS? Metformin has multiple dosages and how to take metformin makes a big difference in how much side effects you get from metformin? Dr. Ergin talks about everything you need to know about metformin in this video. In addition to the above Dr. Ergin discusses why metformin was recalled, is metformin good or bad for your heart, and whether it is associated with cancer or not.
Dr. Ergin is the founder of SugarMDs. He is big on educating patients and he offers free educational videos on this channel. 

The Journey of Sugar – Plant to Human

Sugar, a familiar name for one specific carbohydrate, has become humankind’s favorite sweetener. It is pleasing. It is pleasant. It provides essential energy for our bodies. It is absorbed easily. It is used quickly by our tissues and cells. It serves human life well. It also fattens us. It also causes disease. It also disables individuals and shortens life. We must be aware and take steps to eliminate the potential and real harm of sugar, which has the scientific name: sucrose.

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes Presents an Opportunity to Be Healthy!

It is easy to become upset when you are handed a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. You suddenly imagine all sorts of gloomy scenarios. You still want to eat your favorite foods, but you know they aren’t the healthiest options for you now. You’re scared about your future. Your well-being wasn’t an issue before, but now you’re forced to address it. A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis affects individuals differently. Some people may just feel upset. Others will see it as a life crisis. A few may even feel indifferent about it because there might be more pressing concerns in life at that time.

Diabetes Health – Conditions That Can Cause Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease caused by either the body’s lack of ability to produce insulin (Type 1 diabetes) or body not responding to the effects of insulin (Type 2 diabetes). It will probably also show up in the course of pregnancy. Insulin is without doubt one of the important hormones that regulates blood sugar stages and allows the body to use sugar (known as glucose) for energy

Type 2 Diabetes – Could Soy Protein Supplementation Help Lower Complications in Diabetes?

It appears soy protein supplementation can help control Type 2 diabetes. That was the verdict of scientists at Harbin Medical University in Harbin, China. They looked at eleven studies on the subject and analyzed them as one large study. According to the scientists’ combined study, reported on in May 2016, several factors related to Type 2 diabetes and heart and blood vessel disease. Soybean protein supplementation for over a six month period showed particularly significant changes.

Type 2 Diabetes – Your Ability to Resist Hunger Pangs Is Critical to Reversing Diabetes

If you are cutting back on calories because you are looking to lose weight, you may be left feeling hungry. You’ve undoubtedly discovered there are both upsides and downsides to hunger. Without an appetite for food, you’d probably forget to eat or lack the initiative to sustain yourself with nutrients, which are essential to your health. Also, eating is usually a pleasurable activity, so you will rarely find yourself complaining about it. On the other hand, there are several downsides to hunger.

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