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Diabetes, A Personal View

A personal view on Diabetes. The reasons for the surge in the disease and the way we can halt it.

Type 2 Diabetes – Helping Women to Prevent Neuropsychiatric Problems Before Giving Birth

Gestational diabetes is much like Type 2 diabetes, but is diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy and is usually resolved, at least temporarily, after birth. Gestational diabetes also links to the babies who eventually become overweight or obese and puts them at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. In March 2016, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported on an Israeli study on neuropsychiatric problems in children brought on by their mother having Gestational diabetes or diabetes diagnosed during their pregnancy.

Type 2 Diabetes – Will a Low-Fat Diet Give More Fat Loss to Adolescents Than a Low-Carb Diet?

An epidemic of Type 2 diabetes, formerly known as mature onset diabetes, has developed in children and adolescents. Pediatric Type 2 diabetes follows the obesity epidemic in young people. A rigid low-fat diet is frequently prescribed for obese teens who often have difficulty following this type of eating plan. According to the scientists at Monash University and the University of Queensland in Australia, either a low-carbohydrate diet plan or a low-fat eating plan is suitable for adolescents who need to lose weight.

Type 2 Diabetes – The Key to the State of Your Health Is Your Diet!

If more people became educated about the importance of a healthy diet, there wouldn’t be nearly as many health problems in our society. Practically all of the common diseases encountered by adults today are a result of a poor lifestyle, where an unhealthy diet is an ultimate factor. Everything revolves around your food choices: your weight, your energy levels, your immune system, and your internal well-being all depend on a healthy diet to be at an optimal state.

New Warnings From the FDA on Sodium Glucose Inhibitors for Diabetes

The FDA published new warnings the class of new medicines used to treat diabetes known as on sodium glucose inhibitors. It is very important to understand the health complications for all new diabetes medications and new classes of blood glucose regulating drugs. Known side effects of this medicine include heart attack, renal failure, bone fractures, bladder cancer, kidney failure, low blood pressure, and genital fungal infections.

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