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Type 2 Diabetes – Why Some Sodium Is Helpful in Your Eating Plan

Dietary changes are important for Type 2 diabetics with compromised kidney function because specific foods can speed up damage. As you take steps to improve your health, one thing you may find yourself doing is reducing your sodium (salt) intake. You’ve heard many people worldwide are eating foods, especially processed foods, sky-high in sodium and it’s helping to bring about health issues such as hypertension, heart disease, and kidney disease. Consequently, you think the lower your salt intake, the better. But is this the case? Turns out some sodium is beneficial for Type 2 diabetics. In fact, diabetics should never go without sodium altogether. Here’s why…

Type 2 Diabetes – Is Insulin Resistance An Underlying Abnormality Driving Heart Disease?

According to the American Heart Association, in 2013 one in three deaths occurred due to heart and blood vessel disease. Heart disease was the number one killer worldwide. Heart disease killed 370,000 in the United States in 2013, and it killed 7.4 million people around the world in 2012. Type 2 diabetes, caused by insulin resistance, is linked with a high risk of developing coronary artery disease.

Type 2 Diabetes – Eat Fruits at Breakfast for Stable Blood Sugar

Breakfast is often said to be the most important meal of the day. Even though this is an arguable claim, there is one fact about breakfast worth noting: it’s usually the first blood sugar spike of the day. Carbohydrates are essentially a breakfast staple. You will be hard pressed to find a morning menu that contains a carb-free meal. Whether its fruit juice loaded with added sugars or a piece of toast glazed with butter, it’s hard to avoid a blood sugar spike when eating breakfast. That’s not to say elevating your blood sugar is inherently harmful though middle-aged adults and Type 2 diabetics should pay particular attention to their food choices as they start their day.

Type 2 Diabetes – Jogging for Weight Loss

When you think of jogging to help lower your blood sugar levels and your weight, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it all those hours you have to spend to build up your fitness? Or perhaps all of the sweat expelled from your body after undertaking so many steps. More importantly, you may be one of those people who are unsure of jogging as an efficient way to exercise. This would be no surprise as many people doubt jogging as an effective way to lose weight. Who can blame them? Nowadays, it seems there are an endless number of ways to exercise. Go to your neighborhood gym and you might see at least five different cardio machines, each advertised on late-night television. While there is some merit in variety, within this context it often makes many people overlook the simplest and most efficient forms of exercise.

The Act of Balancing Is Required in Diabetes

The best way to deal with diabetes comes in when you have the proper knowledge of the same. Apart from medication health maintenance is also important. Today in this article we will discuss about these aspects.

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