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Type 2 Diabetes – Three Ways To Give Broccoli a Healthy Makeover

Do the same vegetables dominate your refrigerator? With a little know-how, you can easily transform your favorite family recipes into healthful and delicious diabetes-fighting dishes. One of the must have vegetables that should be included in your diabetic eating plan is broccoli. Rich in antioxidants, loaded in dietary fiber, and high in vitamin C, it’s a can’t miss food for those seeking optimal health. And the fiber in broccoli won’t raise you blood sugar, but will help control blood sugar spikes.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Turmeric Works to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Turmeric, a herb from India, comes from the compound curcumin and is related to ginger. It has shown promise for lowering blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. Researchers at Harbin Medical University in Heilongjiang, China, conducted a study to determine how turmeric works. Their work was published in Biomedical Environmental Science in November 2014…

Type 2 Diabetes – How Sugar Behaves in Your Body!

If you’ve been diagnosed with full-blown Type 2 diabetes, or you’re at the prediabetes stage and being counseled on how to prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes, there is no doubt you’ve heard you need to take care with the type and quantity of carbohydrates you include in your eating plan. But are you really paying attention? Worldwide people have an insatiable sweet tooth, downing about 90 to 180 pounds of refined sugar and additives like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) per person. Many individuals still don’t realize just how ‘bad’ sugar is for them and continue to consume it – even if in small doses.

Type 2 Diabetes – Mushrooms As A Possible Treatment for Diabetes

Scientists at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka, looked at oyster or pearl mushrooms, as well as abalone mushrooms as possible treatments for Type 2 diabetes. Their study, reported on in the journal Phytotherapy Research in November 2014, consisted of comparing the effects of Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus cystidiosus mushrooms in both healthy participants and participants previously diagnosed with full-blown Type 2 diabetes. Powdered freeze dried mushrooms were given to both groups. Both the non-diabetic participants and the Type 2 diabetic participants showed a reduction in their blood sugar levels. The participants with diabetes also produced more insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes – Remain Injury Free To Continue Moving Your Body and Lower Your Blood Sugar

Exercise is not optional if you want the best control over blood sugar. And it isn’t optional if you want a higher quality of life. In combination with a healthy diet and weight loss, regular workouts can reduce your need for medication. Often, in many cases blood sugar levels will return to a healthy range and diabetic medications will no longer be required. But there’s nothing quite as frustrating for any regular gym-goer than coming down with an injury. They always seem to strike when your motivation is highest and you’re ready to go that extra mile with your program to see the absolute best success possible with your health and blood sugar levels.

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