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Type 2 Diabetes – Liver and Heart Disease in Diabetes

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a condition in which the liver has too much fat. Usually it is not fatal, but it can become inflamed. In nondiabetics it has been associated with a heart disease known as left ventricular diastolic dysfunction. The left ventricle of the heart pumps blood coming from the lungs via the left atrium. Blood pumped from the left ventricle travels into the aorta, a large artery, from where it travels throughout the body. In left ventricular diastolic dysfunction, LVDD, the left ventricle does not fill properly between beats. This can cause fluid to back up into the left atrium as well as the lungs. This condition is known as heart failure.

Type 2 Diabetes – Tips to Help You Vary Your Vegetable Choices

Changing around your meal plan to help manage Type 2 diabetes isn’t always easy. You’ve probably eaten the same way for many years and it takes time and effort to change your habits. Think of your efforts as an ongoing process and praise yourself for small steps along the way! Once you’ve begun eating more produce, one step you can take is varying your produce choices. Eating a wider variety of produce will keep you healthy by helping you take in more vitamins and minerals. Each type of fruit and vegetable contains different vitamins and minerals. For picky eaters, trying more types of produce can also help you to discover your favorites. If you grew up eating only salad and bland cooked vegetables, you may feel like you don’t like vegetables at all. But there are lots of vegetables out there, and the more you try, the more likely you are to find some you really like. Here are a few ideas to help you vary your produce choices…

Type 2 Diabetes – Set Mini-Goals To Achieve Lower Blood Sugar and Weight Loss Goals

In the past, Type 2 diabetes has been called adult-onset diabetes because it typically occurred in middle-aged and older adults. But now, many children and adolescents who are sedentary and overweight, are also developing this health disorder. People who do not control their diabetes continue to have elevated blood sugar levels. To get well, Type 2 diabetics must change their thinking. The first step should begin with goal setting…

Type 2 Diabetes – The Underrated Benefits Of A 1-Hour Walk

Walking is greatly underestimated as a form of physical activity. Frankly and concisely, walking is a very potent form of exercise. And exercise is a must for Type 2 diabetics needing to lower their blood sugar, lose weight and keep it off. Whether walking is the best method of exercise is up for debate: running for instance will always burn more calories than walking will. But, running is also not for everyone. Walking on the other hand is.

Diabetes and Changing Habits

There are many reasons why a diabetic needs to exercise but the problem is adjusting, either the tablets/capsules, or adjusting insulin taken as you get fitter and stronger. Obviously it will depend on the type of exercise done by any diabetic on a regular basis.

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