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Type 2 Diabetes – The Effect of the Expectant Mother’s Health On Her Baby’s Brain

Avoiding obesity, being overweight, and Gestational diabetes has long been known to be important to expectant mothers for a variety of reasons. Now, according to an article published in the online journal PLOS ONE in July 2015, there is likely another good reason for avoiding any of those conditions. Investigators at the University of Granada in Spain and Umea University in Sweden, compared brain development in children from healthy and unhealthy pregnancies. The study included 331 mother and child pairs.

Type 2 Diabetes – Sugar Substitutes in the Diabetic Meal Plan

As a Type 2 diabetic, avoiding simple carbohydrates, or sugar, is one of the best ways to keep your blood sugar under control and stable. But making the switch to a meal plan with no sugar in it isn’t easy. While you’re adjusting to eating less sugar, you may have considered using one of the sugar substitutes. Each sugar substitute is different, so here is a list of a few popular varieties with a description of each.

You Can Proactively Defeat Prediabetes

Prediabetes is that state wherein blood glucose levels are high than normal but not high enough to cause frank diabetes. There are many risk factors associated with diabetes. Actively working to minimize those risks can prevent full blown diabetes.

How You Can Prevent Genetic Diabetes

There are a lot of diseases that occur in families in generation after generation. Alzheimer’s is one such disease that is genetic and is found in consecutive generations. Fortunately, there are some genetic based diseases that are not an automatic sentence for the next generation. Diabetes is one such condition. Your grandparents, parents, and even your siblings may have the disease: this does not mean that you have to join their club. Find out how you can avoid this common disease.

How To Recognize Pre-Diabetes Symptoms and Prevent Diabetes Naturally

Recognizing pre-diabetes symptoms is very important if you want to prevent diabetes. The symptoms are noticeable in the form of fatigue and extreme thirst to name a few. Read about diabetes prevention, management and treatment

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