How Carbs Become Fat

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Diabetics, Don’t Suffer With Bad Health Anymore

People can take charge of their illness. The proper medication, diet and life style can make diabetes insignificant.

Some Great Diet Tips for Diabetics

Having a meal together is one of the simple joys of life. On a more serious note, people are passionate about food. This happens to one, irrespective of his age. Younger children have a knack for desserts and are very often known to have a sweet tooth. As kids grow older, some of them develop a taste for protein based foods.

Diabetes in Kids – Preventive Measures and Treatment

My son had a seminar in his school on Sunday, all the students and parents were invited to discuss on the serious issue that is Diabetes in Kids. There was a message on my cell from his school. My son was excited about the seminar and asked me a couple of questions. Mom, what’s the seminar all about? What do you mean by Diabetes? Are you going to attend the seminar? Yes, of course, it’s very important for every parent to know about Diabetes in kids. We are going to get lots of valuable information about it.

Diabetes – No More A Big Disease For A Brilliant Doctor, Educated From The Best Medical Schools

Day by day, education is not only playing a crucial role, but also reaching to the new heights. Even, students are much aware about their professional careers in their early ages and set their goals in order to achieve them. As is known, education is divided into two parts medical and non medical. Comparatively medical education has special position as it contributes in advanced and beneficial researches for improving the health of people.

Type 2 Diabetes – Two New Medications for Treating High Blood Sugar

Both tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidiol (CBD) are phytochemicals similar to the active ingredient in marijuana, but without the psychoactive effects. According to a report published in the journal Diabetes Care in August 2016, both molecules could be helpful in treating high blood sugar levels in people who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the University of Nottingham in Derby and several other research institutions in the UK looked at 62 participants with a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

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