Does Lentil Soup Raise Blood Sugar? Why so Good for Diabetics?

What Is the Basic Challenge When Trying to Cure Diabetes Type 1?

Diabetes Type 1 is characterized by inability of the pancreases to produce enough insulin to help control the levels of blood sugar. The pancreas cells known as the beta cells responsible for the production of insulin are destroyed and only less beta cells are left to try to perform the work meant for the entire pancreas.

Can Diabetes Be Cured? Top 5 Steps to Cure Diabetes

Are you a diabetic? Can diabetes be cured, or have you ever wondered so? If you responded positive to both the questions then you are the person I am looking for. There are some really spicy news here for you. Yeah, take a peep.

Can Diabetes Be Cured? How Physical Activities Cure Diabetes

While diabetes has managed to become one of the most spoken-about diseases of the 21st century generation, finding a way to cure diabetes has been the focus of numerous recent studies, with a significant majority getting concerned about its form and how it really occurs. A basic understanding of the disease is crucial for any attempts aimed to cure diabetes or efforts aimed at finding a way to manage it.

Diet and Diabetes – Foods That Cure Diabetes

Whenever you are sick, one thing you cannot circumvent is medication. And the medication is not often among the most pleasant things around. That, however, is not exactly the case with diabetes. You can opt to cure diabetes the easy and enjoyable way: by eating some of the foods you relish, by taking the following foodstuffs in your diet.

Type 2 Diabetes – Prediabetes, Heart and Blood Vessel Disease

Heart and blood vessel disease is a known complication of Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the Shanghai Institute for Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases conducted a study to learn whether prediabetes could also put patients in danger. Their study, reported on in the medical journal Hypertension in February 2015, included 1609 participants diagnosed with prediabetes who lived in Shanghai, southern China. By the end of 12 years, 10.1 percent of the study participants were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Prediabetics with normal blood pressure readings did not show a high risk of heart and blood vessel disease, but prediabetics with high blood pressure readings did.

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