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Type 2 Diabetes – Is Obesity Responsible For Brain Shrinkage?

People who are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are often advised to reach and maintain a healthy lean weight. Another good reason to normalize weight involves the brain. Studies have linked obesity with memory loss in older adults. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, set out to learn if there could be a cause and effect relationship between obesity and the brain in older people.

The Risks a Diabetic Woman Faces in Pregnancy

In this article I discuss the risks a pregnant diabetic woman is likely to face during pregnancy. In addition I also discuss how some of those risks can be minimized.

The Plateau of Faith I Have in Myself, To Heal Myself

As I was surfing the web one day, I saw this message that said; “URGENT DIABETES HEALTH BULLETIN.” “An Important Message for Diabetics.” Knowing of family members with diabetes, and having spoken to many others over the years, I gave it my undivided attention.

Best Home Remedy for Diabetes

Diabetes has become a very common health problem. It can damage the kidneys and leads to many serious problems like- nerve damage, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke etc. Today we are dependent on medicines but there are many simple solutions for this type of diseases. Bitter Gourd or Karela(in India) is a unique vegetable-fruit which can be used as the best medicine for a diabetic patient.

Type 2 Diabetes – Is a High White Blood Cell Count Involved in Gestational Diabetes?

The causes of Gestational diabetes or diabetes of pregnancy are turning out to be more complicated the more research is carried out on the condition. In March 2016, the medical journal Endocrine reports the results of a study on molecules involved in immunity and their possible role in Gestational diabetes. For a healthy pregnancy, the fetus must not be treated as a foreign body for the immune system to attack. Individual molecules involved in immune responses work with white blood cells to prevent them attacking the fetus. If those white cells and molecules were not functioning properly, could a resulting inflammation be involved in the development of Gestational diabetes?

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