COVID 19 and High Blood Sugar

It’s time to get healthy! Addressing health problems like high blood sugar, fatty liver, and insulin resistance is even more important now, with COVID-19, because markers of these problems are the best predictors for severe symptoms and death. This is because high levels of insulin, from a diet high in modern oils and carbohydrates, along with chemical exposure, promotes viral infection and replication, plus it can induce acute severe respiratory distress with viral infection. For example, a major effect of Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic that is being tested for COVID-19 treatment, is that it lowers blood sugar and insulin by mimicking glycine (The antiparasitic drug ivermectin is a novel FXR ligand that …). It may thus be relevant here that Round-up (glycine plus phosphate) displaces our glycine, increasing risk for the high blood sugar/fatty liver that promotes viral replication ( So, this video explains why high blood sugar, fatty liver, and insulin resistance is so common at this time, and how it can be greatly improved by going on an ancestral foods low carb or ketogenic diet.

Diabetic Amyotrophy

Approximately one percent of people with diabetes develop diabetic amyotrophy. Also, referred to as proximal diabetic neuropathy, this is a type of peripheral nerve disease. It is a diabetes complication that affects the nerves, mostly affecting the thighs, buttocks, hips and lower legs. The symptoms that occur are the result of damage to these nerves in these areas of the body. While rare, all people with diabetes mellitus should know about diabetic amyotrophy, so that they can tell when it is time to see their doctor.

1CC Syringe

If you have diabetes and are insulin dependent, it is important that you have syringes that can accommodate the dosages that you need to inject. The syringes that you use should also be easy to handle and to read so that you can be sure that you are always properly dosing your insulin. If you are getting too much or too little of the medicine, this could have a negative impact on your blood sugar levels. Learning more about a 1cc syringe ensures that you have the knowledge necessary to determine if this is the best syringe size for you.

Diabetes Bag

Living with diabetes can present a variety of challenges. Having your diabetes supplies available at all times makes it easier to maintain your blood sugar levels. A diabetes bag makes it easy to have all of your diabetes accessories and supplies in one convenient place. Learning about the bags that are available and what to put in them helps to ensure that you are always able to manage your diabetes no matter where you are.

Insulin Pen Needles

Safely administering your insulin in the most convenient way possible is important. This helps to ensure that you get your doses on time and that the amount of insulin that you are taking is within the prescribed range. Insulin has to be injected, but you have some options and one of these is insulin pen needles. These needles work with a device that looks and functions similar to a pen. For some people, these are easier to use than a traditional needle and syringe for injecting insulin.

Diabetes Log Book

Diabetes is a condition that you have to put effort into daily. When you take the right precautions and live your life in a diabetes-friendly way, you can manage your condition. One tool that you can use to manage your diabetes is a diabetes log book. With a glucose log sheet, you can track your numbers to find patterns with your blood sugar levels. You also have options that allow you to track things like your diet so that you can see how foods are influencing your glucose levels.

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