CORONAVIRUS Diabetes Recovery Research Update. COVID 19 Diabetes Survival news update.

Patients with diabetes are worried about the risk of death or complications from COVID-19/coronavirus. Dr. Ergin discusses the most recent research about COVID-19 and coronavirus affecting diabetic patients in the USA and China.

The problem people with diabetes face worse outcomes, not greater chance of contracting the virus. Dr. Ergin discusses the updated COVID 19 risk. People with diabetes have much higher rates of serious complications and death than people without diabetes—and typically we believe that the more health conditions someone has (for example, diabetes and heart disease, kidney disease), the higher their chance of getting serious complications from COVID-19. What is the real risk? Watch and learn. The older diabetic people the greater the risk they face.

Recipes Using Red Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans are a great source of protein (8.5 grams in a cup), dietary fibre, and a wide variety of essential micro-nutrients. They are fat free and make an ideal ingredient in a diabetic’s diet. So how do you get them into your stomach… here are a few easy but delicious and nutritious recipes.

Why You Should Eat Red Kidney Beans

For a few simple reasons… they help fight diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers. In addition they are protein rich and contain lots of good fibre, and can help you lose weight. They are an ideal food for diabetics. Here are the science-backed verified facts.

How to Bolster Your Immune System

As you are a diabetic it is highly likely that your immune system has been compromised and is much weaker than that of a non-diabetic. Thus, you need to strengthen your ability to fight off infections and diseases. There are many ways you can do that.

How Your Immune System Works

As a diabetic, the chances are that your immune system is compromised and not working as well as it should. There are ways in which you can strengthen it but first you need to know how it works. Here is a simple introduction…

How Diabetics Can Avoid the Deadly Consequences of COVID-19

By keeping your blood glucose levels under control… a recent study shows that type 2 diabetics who keep their blood glucose under control are more likely to survive an infection with COVID-19.

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