Can COVID-19 infection lead to diabetes?

There is limited evidence on this subject. But scientific journal, Nature published an article on June 24 which says. That an 18-year-old German patient who tested positive for COVID-19
but remained asymptomatic, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes two weeks later. The patient’s doctor suspects that the virus destroyed his β-cells which are responsible for the production of the insulin hormone. Diabetes is considered a condition which could be deadly for COVID-19 patients. The Nature article also says that dozens of COVID-19 patients with high levels of blood sugar and ketones have been reported. Earlier studies have reported that viruses including SARS have been linked to autoimmune conditions like Type 1 diabetes. This could be because of organs that control blood sugar are also rich in ACE2, a protein that the novel coronavirus uses to infect cells


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Diabetic Needles

What is the standard insulin needle size? This is a common question that diabetics have because you want to make sure that you choose the proper diabetic needles. When you choose the best insulin syringes and needles, you are able to place the insulin properly when you inject it. Proper placement ensures that your body can use the full dose so that you have greater control over your blood glucose levels.

Diabetic Chocolate

When you have diabetes, it is common to avoid sweets since these contain high levels of sugar. However, there are some sweet treats that you can enjoy. Diabetic chocolate is one of these options. There are several choices that you can explore. It is important to look at the nutritional content and ingredients to ensure that you pick one that allows you to indulge without causing a blood sugar spike.

Accu-Chek Active

There are several types of diabetes. When you have this condition, it is imperative to always know your blood sugar levels so that you can make adjustments to ensure that they do not get too high. One of the most important diabetic tools is the Accu-Chek Active. With the Accu-Chek Active, you can determine your glucose levels in under a minute so that you know if you need to make diet adjustments, take as needed medicines or consume sugar if your levels are low.

Resource Diabetic

Millions of people live with diabetes throughout the world. While there are medicines that help to control blood sugar levels, your diet plays an integral role in how well your diabetes is managed. It can be difficult to make major dietary changes after receiving your diagnosis, especially if you are not a skilled cook. Resource Diabetic is an option to help you to fill in when you cannot eat a nutritious meal. It is a complete liquid diet that you can consume in place of healthy meals when you are too busy to prepare food or something else is preventing you from a meal.

Diabetic Slippers

When your blood sugar gets high, this can have a negative impact on your blood circulation. Up to 34 percent of diabetics will develop a foot ulcer in their lifetime as a result of poor circulation. Several factors can contribute to these ulcers, including pressure from your footwear and foot injuries that do not heal and worsen with time. In the most severe cases, gangrene can set in and put you at risk for an amputation.

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