11 High Blood Sugar Symptoms Signs Causes

The blood sugar is also known as blood glucose. It is also known as hyperglycemia. As the word suggests the high blood sugar is the increased amount of sugar present in the blood. The insulin present in our body maintains the sugar level in the blood. When the human body fails to produce enough amount of insulin the blood sugar is increased. In other cases, it occurs when the insulin fails to react properly with the body cells. Due to high blood sugar abnormal amount of sugar gets accumulated in the blood. This can lead to diabetes.

1. The feeling of Thirst. If you are feeling thirsty after drinking jars of water, you may have diabetes. It’s always advisable to consult a doctor if you notice this type of problem.

2. Urinating Frequently. Visiting bathroom frequently for urinating may be signs of high blood sugar in your body.

3. Blurred Vision. If you aren’t able to see images correctly and having a blurry vision, then you should consult a physician for knowing the reason.

4. Feeling Tired. Because the body can’t use glucose for energy properly, a person may feel unusually tired.

5. Headaches and difficulty concentrating. When brain cells have difficulty getting the fuel they need, they function poorly. This can cause problems with thinking, reasoning, and remembering difficulty staying focused on tasks, and headaches.

6. Constipation or Diarrhea. Both constipation and diarrhea can be caused by high blood glucose, acting on different sections of the bowel. When neuropathy from elevated blood glucose affects the enteric nerves — the gut’s command and control system — in the small intestine, the result can be dysfunctions in motility, leading to delayed emptying into the large intestine.

7. Erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, or difficulty maintaining an erection, is a common side effect of high blood glucose, and roughly half of men with diabetes over the age of 50 experience it.

8. Feeling Hunger. If cells aren’t able to gain access to glucose, they send out hunger signals via a variety of signaling hormones. These hormones signal the brain’s hypothalamus to trigger the sensation of hunger.

9. Weight Loss. Even though you may be eating like crazy when your blood glucose is chronically high, you will still lose weight.

10. Infection. Urinary tract infections and yeast infections can occur in both men and women, but they are much more common among women, and they’re particularly common among women with diabetes.

11. Slow Healing. High blood sugar dramatically slows the healing of skin and soft-tissue infections because neutrophils, the most common type of leukocyte in the immune system’s arsenal, are particularly vulnerable to high levels of glucose.


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