In this video, we have discussed 10 best, easy and effective exercises for Diabetes Mellitus. Exercise helps in controlling blood sugar levels and also has many other benefits. Like exercise helps in lowering blood pressure, obesity, and blood cholesterol levels, and stress levels. Also, it helps in improving the pumping of the heart, lung function, and improves sleep.

The best exercises for Diabetes are:

1. Walking: Walking is one of the best and easy to do exercise for diabetes. It also helps in elevating mood and reduces stress.

2. Gardening: This also a good exercise if the patient is completly invoved.

3. Yoga and Prayam: It improves strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and immunity.

4.Walking up and down the stairs: It can be done at home but climbing on the stairs should be avoided by patients with joint pain.

5. Cycling: It is a joint friendly exercise and one of best and easy exercise for Diabetes.

6. Dancing: Dancing is a very good exercise, and if done with partner and with children it will give you more enjoument.

7. Strenghth Training: These exercises are done against resistance.

8. Team sports like badminton, tennis, table tennis help in controlling blood sugar levels.

9. Swimming is also a good joint friendly exercise for Diabetics.

10. Tai Chi and Pilates

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